DESCRIPTION: This chicken coop is made with naturally rot and pest resistant solid fir. The Raised Coop comes with a large, dual nesting box and two built in roosting perches. The easy access top door allows for easy egg collection and cleaning. It also comes with a pull-out tray for cleaning. This coop is great for housing chickens, rabbits, and cats.






Item Number: OXFDCOOP

UPC: 089555400312

Dimensions: 82" x 30." x 40"

DESCRIPTION:  The Pueblo Grand Walk-In chicken coop is a great upgrade option to enlarge your flock.  The Pueblo Grande comes with access doors on 3 sides with 2 nesting boxes.  Total of 3 roost bars: 2 inside roost and 1 in the yard.  It also has a small rear entry door to let one bird out a time as well as an extray large clean out pan.  The hen house has dual air flow vents to allow plenty of fresh air to flow into the hen house.  This beautiful coop will look great in any space!

DESCRIPTION: The Santa Fe Mobile Coop is perfect for the small backyard poultry enthusiast. Measuring 72” x 31” x 42”, it is just the right size for 2 or 3 chickens and allows you to move your hens around giving them fresh ground to scratch and fertilize, as often as you like. The built in wheels, outside access nesting box for collecting eggs, and easy lift roof for cleaning make this one of the most convenient, complete and compact coops available.


UPC: 089555400336

Dimensions: 78" X 64" X 68"

Item Number: DUBLNCOOP

UPC: 089555400329

Dimensions: 78" x 36" x 45"

Item Number: WOODCOOPM
UPC: 089555400190
Dimensions: 72" X 31" X 42"

Rugged Ranch Wood Chicken coops are of the highest quality.  Manufactured with Solid Fir which is naturally rot & pest resistant!

Item Number: WOODCOOP
UPC: 089555400138
Dimensions: 89" x 30.5" x 57"

Item Number: ADOBECOOP

UPC: 089555400305

Dimensions: 66.75" x 30.25" x 42.5"

DESCRIPTION:  The Adobe chicken coop is an ideal starter coop.  Can be used for 2 birds or double up as a large rabbit hutch.  Small enough for someone with limited space and yet has all of the features of the larger coops.  Entry doors on both sides of the coop with 2 roost bars and a double nesting box.  Has a pull out cleaning tray with a lockable roost safety door to keep your hens safe at night!


DESCRIPTION:  The Oxford chicken coop has a beautiful new modern Arc Design.  It has 3 large access doors with 4 roosting perches, 2 inside and 2 in the yard.  Galvanized clean out pan with locking roost safety door to keep your hens safe at night.  This beautiful coop is deal for the backyard chicken enthusiast.  

DESCRIPTION:  The Dublin chicken coop features European Design with an all solid wood construction.It has large front & rear door access with 2 nest boxes.  It has 4 roosting perches, 2 inside and 2 in the yard. Comes with galvanized clean out tray and a locking roost safety door to keep your hens safe at night too!