UPC: 089555400183
Dimensions: 7.5' x 6.5' x 6.25'


DESCRIPTION: Our Spring Fling Mobile Coop is a mobile chicken tractor that measures 96" x 42" x 42". This coop comes with wheels, nesting perch, comfort handles and an XL, 3-hole nesting box. The nesting box has a latched rear access for egg retrieval. This mobile coop can comfortably hold up to 9 chickens!

DESCRIPTION: Standing 6' 3" Tall, the Universal Walk-In Pen gives plenty of room to get inside to spend time with your pets and do all of the weekly maintenance. The welded wire roof and double latch entry add extra security to keep your pets safe from predators. The removable knock-out back panel allows for the addition of Rugged Ranch's Large Dog House or Wood Hutch, making it a complete home. Easily houses up to 12 chickens, small dogs, turtles, adult rabbits, cats, baby goats, iguanas, etc. With over a dozen accessory and configuration options, the Universal Walk-In Pen can be used for all of your small animal needs!


Item Number: SFMCSET
UPC: 089555400145
Dimensions: 96" x 42" x 42"


Item Number: METALCOOP
UPC: 089555400114
Dimensions: 7' x 8' x 48"

DESCRIPTION: The Universal Welded Wire Pen measures 7' X 8' X 48" and is made from 2" x 2" welded wire which makes it perfect for housing all types of animals. The welded wire top adds that extra safety measure to really protect your pets from predators. This pen comes equipped with an easily removable knock-out, back panel for the addition of our Large Dog House or Wood Hutch. It can serve as a complete home for chickens, small dogs, turtles, adult rabbits, cats and baby goats.